Integration made easy

You can integrate to your existing data, transfer data regularly to PadForm Admin or choose a combination.

Our server synchronizes and coordinates data between all parties, ensuring your success.

Our Cloud solution is based on the reliable IBM i™ server, which in the last decades has been used by the largest banks and insurance companies. You can maintain your data in our Administration or integrate directly into your ERP solution.

In principle PadForms system architecture makes it possible to replace the underlying ERP system, without affecting the employee interface

PadForm® Server – ensuring your success

PadForm® Server administers and coordinates data flows between all parties. From users on tablets and smartphones, to the administrator’s changes, and to live data from your own business solution. All data to and from devices and units is streamed via the PadForm® Server. Fixed command paths ensure that your data is not lost and is always displayed correctly on users’ tablets and smartphones.

padform integration server success

Private – your content is password-protected

Password-protected access helps you to manage your content in relation to your users. You can restrict access to some contacts, products and orders, a whole category of products, or even your entire solution, if necessary. If you use PadForm® Webshop you can also work with customer-specific prices, based on individual users. There are countless opportunities, and your content can be customised 100% to your specific user.

padform private

Public – show the world your content

You can open up your solution to the whole world – or just a part of it. If you use PadForm® Sales Tool, you can display your catalogue to anyone interested. If you want online sales, you can simply open up the shop. All corporate data, such as orders, statistics, contacts and presentations, can be protected behind user names and passwords. In many cases, a combination of Public and Private is the best solution, as it is simple and easy to maintain these options in PadForm® Admin.

Public – show the world your content

Admin – makes things really easy

You are up and running within 20 minutes – whether you create your data directly in PadForm® Admin, or upload everything via Excel spreadsheets. In PadForm® Admin, you can handle your entire business – from sales to orders, and you can even export your data directly to your accountant. Pictures can be uploaded one by one or, if there are many, in one single zipfile.

padform admin

Your data – updated live in PadForm®

You may have already built up a stable database of customers, suppliers, products, orders, etc. In that case, you can use a PadForm® Adapter to receive and deliver data between your own server and the PadForm® Server. This is the simplest method, where you just need to update your current solution, and PadForm® Adapter then updates it on tablets and smartphones.

padform data

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All our software solutions are especially developed for the IBM hardware platforms; AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and Power Systems.

The supported operating systems are; OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i.