Increased revenue and level of awareness

Interactive product guides increase revenue and awareness.

An interactive product guide helps Philips' customers to help themselves and make the right choice in 360 Kvickly and Brugsen stores.

When do your customers make the decision?

Often, the sales assistant in shops and warehouses cannot give your customers sufficient advice. There is no time and the sales assistant simply does not know enough about all products.

With an interactive product guide, you activate potential customers like never before. You hit at the moment of decision and guide the customer to a product that matches the need.

Let the customer continue at home with family and friends or via any website. PadForm apps work 'out of the box' on all platforms, both pressure-sensitive and traditional PCs.

It is your personal sales assistant in the store who knows EVERYTHING about your product. So drop the old paper and cardboard versions of sales materials and mount a tablet on the shelf together with your products.

padform guide

Introduction and activation of the customer - quite simple

Inviting graphics, intuitive user interface and simple message help to activate the customer. The new interactive media actually attracts customers all by itself.

It's two-way communication, and you hit the customer in the middle of the decision-making process, and that's a big win - it creates a 'call-to-action'.

padform guide

Guide based on the lowest common denominator

The target group is broad in the retail trade, therefore you should not replace logic with e.g. clever illustrations. Use photos of the real items instead - 'keep it simple'.

In Philips' case, the customer matches the used bulb with an image on the screen and selects the wattage. The customer is then presented with the most optimal replacements.
padform guide

Place the product in the customer's basket

If you have the opportunity, go all the way. In Philips' case, we show where the product sits on the shelf. The illustration of the correct packaging image makes it easy for the customer to take it with them. The customer gets a precise and valuable decision-making process and a feeling of having made the right purchase.

Finally, combine it with a survey, competition, and the opportunity to refer a friend.

padform guide

Here you start your own product guide

Comprendo uncovers, designs, develops, and executes. We enter the phases that you need and naturally advise you from the beginning until the guide is rolled out in stores.

We also offer the necessary equipment for securing your tablets. Our team sets up and installs the solution in individual stores if you don't have the capability. You can also use the solution at trade show booths, reception areas, and more. The content in the guide is maintained through a central online admin and takes effect immediately.

Contact us and let's have a discussion about the complete package.

padform administration

That's what Philips says about the PadForm Guide

”Guiding the consumer in the moment of truth, when they stand in front of the shelf in the supermarket and need to choose the right bulb, is a huge challenge. There is limited space on the product packaging, and traditionally, point-of-sale materials only allow for a few short messages.

The solution was an interactive tool in the form of a tablet, placed at the shelf, where the consumer can choose the bulb that needs to be replaced and immediately gets presented with the best solution.

Comprendo was the company that could handle the task of making complex technical concepts and knowledge understandable in an easy and user-friendly format. With a focus on the consumer, Comprendo has built an intuitive tool that offers the necessary guidance, while also showcasing their understanding of branding and design.”

Henrik Handschuh
Sales director / Nordic channel director, food. Philips


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