The most important tools

Product Catalogue, Customers, Shop and Order Management … PadForm is everything your business needs – and much more. It’s customized business solution that can be used on any tablet or smartphone.

The tools can be used on any smartphone, tablet or PC. You also get a user friendly administration module for creating and maintaining the contents. The WebApp and on the responsive Website are presenting the exact the same data and contents – just in different layouts.

Product catalogue

An inspiring and motivating product presentation that guides the customer to the right product – and offers to order the product.

The catalogue structure also helps to present the full product range to the customer, as well as each product’s appearance and specifications. Change shelves to suit your industry, choose from the library or get your own custom designed shelves.

padform features

Order management

A natural expansion of the product catalogue, with easy and intuitive order placement and ordering of product offers. PadForm® sends quotes, order confirmations, cover slips and invoices in a striking graphic design, with product pictures attached.

Order and invoice transactions can always be exported to spreadsheets for further processing. The clever 'Sales mode' even let's you see purchase price, cost prize etc, to maximum your sales efforts.

padform management

The store

The intuitive ‘cash register’ lets you add the exact number – or gives you access to a small built-in calculator that quickly converts to area or volume, for example.

You can work with several customers and orders at the same time, without losing your overview. Your ‘basket’ is saved if you have to interrupt placing an order to work on something else.
padform store

Shopping basket

The order module also allows impulse purchases. In other words, you can start adding items to a basket directly from the product catalogue, without first having to find or register the customer. This means that you can keep up the natural momentum in a sales situation.

padform shoping basket


As administrator, you can access your entire set-up via an ordinary Internet browser. User-friendly administration means that data can be uploaded and downloaded via spreadsheets. You can choose whether to maintain data via the Administration module, or by using spreadsheets to synchronise with your existing business solution.

You can also upload product pictures individually, or in large bundles, via a zipfile. From Administration, you can also translate all texts in PadForm to other languages. You can even rename fields – for example by changing ’Customer’ to ’Client’ if this suits your business better.

padform administration

Administration for small businesses

Administration contains the basic functions needed to run a small business. Here you can administer products, customers and orders – and send out quotes, order confirmations, cover slips and invoices. Invoice transactions can be exported to spreadsheets for your bookkeeper or accountant.


Customized integration

We develop customized solutions that integrate directly with your business solution, while also providing the extra functions that a larger company needs. This means that you always have access to the latest data and the most important functions for your business!

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padform integration

The success does not end here

A number of exciting new modules are in the pipeline. Besides credit card payments, they include professional CRM, meeting planning, statistics and documents. Feel free to contact us if you have questions for these future features.
padform success

Security and stability

The core elements of PadForm® are developed on IBM Power™ technology, for decades the preferred technology platform for multinational companies, banks and insurance companies.

The IBM Power7 processor is the world’s most powerful, as demonstrated in 2011, when it won Jeopardy under the name of ‘Watson’ in the USA.
padform security

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All our software solutions are especially developed for the IBM hardware platforms; AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and Power Systems.

The supported operating systems are; OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i.