A complex workflow became a simple tablet solution

Ege Carpets, a world leader in carpet manufacturing, wanted to improve the salesforce efficiency and corporate motivation with a more active mobile strategy. The solution was a WebApp dedicated to tablets - a unique tool for the sales rep.

One of the biggest challenges was a cumbersome and time-consuming workflow when selling special offer products. The sales rep had to call the office before each sale to ensure that the offer was still in force - and the items still in stock.

What the client needed
Ege Carpets wanted to bring efficiency and flexibility back into the hands of the salesforce and remove any uncertainty associated with the sale. Ege Carpets searched for a solution that not only would help them through the sales phase - but also would open their ERP solution, MOVEX for users on mobile phones and tablets.

How we helped them
We developed a WebApp that removed not only the current problems - but which gave the salesforce and the administration several important tools ranging from meeting preparation, customer lists, customer information, statistics, product catalogue, order status, order inquiry to complaints.

How do they use it
The WebApp is based on "live" data from the Movex system and runs directly on Ege Carpets IBM i™ server. It’s built with a simple and logical user interface that will motivate anyone to work on the new technology.
PadForms framework for mobile devices makes the WebApp available from any device that has a browser. One solution – that fits all platforms.


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