Using PadForm® enables IBM i™ to support the newest web technologies, and easily interact with Smartphones, iPad™ and different Tablet computers.

PadForm® is your ‘swipe and touch’ solution for iPad - but also the various 'Android - pads' on the market. The IBM i™ applications will operate smoothly on an iPad™ using ‘swipe and touch’ technology. The PadForm concept gives you all the benefits of being online, but also the ability to execute all the content off-line.

Added value to a fancy interface

Your iPad or tablet can become a powerful tool, if you combine hard data from your ERP solution on System i™ with the visual interface in PadForm®.

You can e.g. use the 'Agenda' module to prepare the next meeting with slides, sales figures, order status etc and wrap up the result of the meeting in a final evaluation .

PadForm® can in short be used in multiple ways; stretching from presentations and product catalogues to immediate debriefing after meetings, visual sales training, eLearning and deployment of corporate strategies.


Unleash the real power of IBM i™ on the Internet

The backbone of this solution is IceBreak for IBM i™. IceBreak allows development of genuine Web 2.0 applications and uses technologies as SQL, XHTML, XML, extJS, Web Services and AJAX.

IceBreak will enable your RPG and COBOL programs to be changed into Web Applications or Web Services – unleashing the power of IBM i™ on the Internet and your mobile devices.

It is done through a framework that fits any Smartphone or Tablet computers on the market. It will enable you to make “integration on the glass” where you can combine data from IBM i™ with data from other platforms in the same web application.


Integration made easy

You can integrate to your existing data, transfer data regularly to PadForm Admin or choose a combination.


Smooth truck overtaking with WebApp on an iPad

How do you reach all participants at an international fair and communicate a sensitive message – and at the same time collect and feed important information directly into your existing IT solution? Accessibility on a tablet is the answer.


The most important tools

Product Catalogue, Customers, Shop and Order Management … PadForm is everything your business needs – and much more. It’s customized business solution that can be used on any tablet or smartphone.


Increased revenue and level of awareness

Interactive product guides increase revenue and awareness.

An interactive product guide helps Philips' customers to help themselves and make the right choice in 360 Kvickly and Brugsen stores.


A complex workflow became a simple tablet solution.

Ege Carpets, a world leader in carpet manufacturing, wanted to improve the salesforce efficiency and corporate motivation with a more active mobile strategy. The solution was a WebApp dedicated to tablets - a unique tool for the sales rep.


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All our software solutions are especially developed for the IBM hardware platforms; AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and Power Systems.

The supported operating systems are; OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i.