Send and Receive Emails on IBM i™ with BlueSeries Mail & FTP

Effortlessly manage large volumes of data and send any file type with BlueSeries Mail & FTP - integrated with ERP solutions and easy to use. Get a full overview of incoming and outgoing emails with a comprehensive log and save time starting in just 20 minutes.

BlueSeries Mail & FTP is easy to install and is operative after only twenty minutes.

  • Easy to use
  • Easily integrated into any ERP solutions
  • Suitable for large volumes of data
  • Send all types of files

Comprehensive log gives full overview for both incoming and outgoing emails.

BlueSeries Streamlining Document Transmission and Integration with ERP Systems, Supporting FTP for Direct File Transmission, and Providing Complete Mail Overview

Simplify Document Sending with BlueSeries Mail

Electronic documents can be sent with just a few keystrokes using BlueSeries Mail for IBM i™ (AS/400). Invoices, statements of account, and order confirmations can be sent by email, saving time, postage, paper, and envelopes. With BlueSeries Mail, there's no need to waste resources on printing, postage, or envelope stuffing. This tool streamlines document transmission and reduces the environmental impact of paper waste.

The Perfect Addition to Your ERP System

BlueSeries Mail for IBM i™ (AS/400) is not a replacement for programs like Outlook or Notes. Instead, it is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems. This tool can "translate" spool files from any IBM i™ ERP solution and send them as email. When the spool file contains information for multiple recipients, the tool automatically splits the file into separate emails. BlueSeries Mail can also forward all types of files as attachments, and receive mail with attachments for automatic processing in the company's own IBM i™ ERP system.

Mail for IBM i™ with Supports FTP for Direct File Transmission

In addition to email transmission, BlueSeries Mail for IBM i™ (AS/400) supports FTP for direct file transmission. This feature allows you to quickly and easily transfer files without the need for email attachments. With BlueSeries Mail for IBM i™ , you can streamline your file transmission process and get your documents where they need to go, faster.

Easy to use log gives a complete overview

A log provides a complete overview of all incoming and outgoing mail. It is easy to see when a specific email was sent or received and to see the name of the sender and the recipient.

By the way: BlueSeries Mail can be combined with the BlueSeries Fax & XML modules

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