Fax with BlueSeries

BlueSeries Fax is the ultimate solution for your faxing needs.

Transcripts and documents can be faxed automatically or manually via a few keystrokes.

  • Easy to use
  • Complete overview of all fax and Spool Files
  • Easily integrated into any ERP solutions
  • Suitable for large fax volumes
  • Integration with Windows

Receive your personal fax direct on the screen, on the nearest printer - or in your email. Both incoming and outgoing faxes can be displayed graphically in a PDF viewer or in the included PC client.

Primary features in BlueSeries Fax

Complete overview of all fax and Spool Files
A log provides a complete overview of all incoming and outgoing faxes. It is easy to see when a particular fax was sent or received - and see identification of the sender and the receiver. Moreover the log displays whether; the recipient's fax machine is busy, or if the fax has stopped due an error, or the fax is awaiting a specified departure time.

Receive your personal fax directly on your screen, at the nearest printer - or directly in your email
Both incoming and outgoing faxes can be displayed graphically in a PDF viewer or in the included PC client. The fax can also be printed on the nearest laser printer. BlueSeries Fax can be configured to automatically distribute incoming faxes to specific printers in the company. Received faxes can also be distributed automatically via email.

Individual fax cover pages
You can build a catalog of individual fax cover pages, reflecting the company's organizational chart. The cover page can contain graphic elements and a variety of standard information for the dispatch.

Take advantage of low phone rates at night
Prioritize the sending of faxes and take advantage of low phone rates at night - or spread out the fax load of the day. Important faxes can skip the queue, while less important faxes are moved down the queue. BlueSeries Fax will when a call is made, always check if there are other faxes waiting for the recipient in the queue. The documents are then merged in one transmission, thus saving time and money.

High speed
It only takes a few seconds before BlueSeries Fax starts to send a fax. BlueSeries Fax can as default handle (send / receive) about 60 new calls per hour. This is on one fax line only, and the capacity can be expanded by adding multiple fax lines.

BlueSeries Fax saves time!

Send faxes directly from the individual workplace without spending time consuming work to fill in fax cover pages and waiting by the fax machine. With BlueSeries Fax, electronic documents are sent via fax in just a few keystrokes. Send statements of accounts and order confirmations as fax and save time, postage, paper, and envelopes.

Users can immediately work on the system. It is just as simple to send a fax as it is to print a list. It is easy to direct a fax to one person as to several recipients.


BlueSeries Fax can be easily integrated into any ERP solution

The "spooled file Expert" can "translate" spool files from all ERP solutions and send them by fax. If the spool file contains information to multiple recipients, it will automatically be split - and sent as a separate fax. If forwarding information is missing in the fax, it can - using the customer number - be downloaded from the ERP system's database.

A specific cover page, send priority or deferred transmission time are just small examples of the many types of information that can be set individually for each user.


Easy to add graphics, logos and fonts

BlueSeries Fax handles graphical elements like logos and signatures to be set at a random or a fixed location.

BlueSeries comes with the popular fonts are Courier, CG Times, Univers and Arial. A FontWizard for Windows import True Type fonts directly from the PC environment into BlueSeries - ready for use on e.g. cover pages.

BlueSeries Fax has full support for the print formats, PCL, PDF, AFP, AFPDS and IPDS. It also opens for the possibility to send the fax with such 'double bytes character set.


Fax using TCP/IP provides even more benefits

BlueSeries Fax can send faxes though modems that are connected to IBM i™ using a 'Thin Device Server' and TCP / IP network.

V.24 Line Replacement and Long Distance Low Cost Faxing with New Technique
This technique can be used to substitute the V.24 lines on the machine, but the technique can also be used to connect the fax modem in a completely different location. In other words, a branch office abroad can now send faxes at local rates. Long Distance Low Cost (LDLC).

TCP/IP Fax Line Creation in BlueSeries Regardless of IBM i™ Server Location
It is in BlueSeries possible to create a TCP / IP fax line and connect it to the network regardless of the location of the IBM i™ server. Example: The IBM i™ server can be located in England and the modem in a sales office in Denmark. All faxes sent through that particular modem, will be sent to local rates.

Modem Pool Association for Distinguishing Different Fax Numbers
Various series of different fax numbers can be associated "Modem Pool". This will enable the system to distinguish between, for example a German and an English recipient - and send the fax through the correct modem in the right country.

A fall back procedure ensures - in case the local network is inoperative - that high priority faxes will be sent via the first available fax line.

BlueSeries Fax can be combined with BlueSeries Mail module
BlueSeries Fax was originally developed under the brand name; BlueFax - and BlueSeries is the collecting name for the old brand names; BlueFax, BlueMail and BlueXLM.

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