Flexible printing of documents via the Internet

IceBreak Web Printing makes it possible to print IBM i™(AS/400) documents via the Web

The need to print documents on external printers at remote locations increases, as companies outsource more and more stock, production and distribution.

The operating system opens a possibility for creating output queues e.g. under IBM Client Access – but this requires that the Business Partner is given access to the company network. Giving your suppliers access to the company network often means visits to their offices in order to establish a VPN connection etc.

Every connection increases costs - but there is an alternative.

The perfect alternative

The IceBreak Web Printing solution is perfect to remotely print any document produced on the System i™.

IceBreak Web Printing enables you to send print from your IBM i™ (AS/400) to any printer in the world. It transports the spool file using HTTP and encrypts the spool contents in the process. It is simple and it is safe!

Just ask your Business Partner to install the FREE IceBreak Web Printing Client on a Windows PC. Any printer connected to a PC can be made available for your IBM i™.

IceBreak Web Printing runs directly over the Internet, but independently from the Internet browser. The encrypted HTTP layer prevents unauthorized access. No manual intervention is needed on the PC. The documents can be printed as long as the power is on.

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How does it work?

The external printer in question, is on the IBM i™, paired with a output queue of your making.

The IceBreak Web Printing Client will regulary connect to IceBreak Web Printing software on the IBM i™. A print that is ready in the output queue will be processed and forwarded to the printer via the PC.

The solution can handle all known printer models that is supported by IBM i Host Print Transform - and that is many. Document output from various forms solutions like e.g. InterForm can be forwarded to the printer as long as the format is supported.

An unlimited number of print queues can be created under IBM i™ (OS400). The Host Print Transform even tells you which type of printer your supplier uses. This service can also supplement IBM Personal Communication to create OS/400-printers for Citrix users.

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The supported operating systems are; OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i.