Get more task done with IceCap™

Add web interface to your RPG, COBOL and CL programs and transform your applications into web-based interfaces - you are only 10 minutes away from ditching your green screen.

Implementing IceCap can ensure decades of investments. All while saving massive investment in new hardware, software, conversion and training.

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IceCap™ is the latest tool within modernization of the character based 5250 Environment on the IBM™ (AS/400™). IceCap™ will immediately add an intuitive web interface to the old character-based applications.

Instant modernization
It only takes 10 minutes to install IceCap™ - and your existing RPG, COBOL and CL programs will immediately be presented as web applications. IceCap™ can modernize whole business solutions - or complete projects where the standard system is already upgraded by the supplier leaving the company's own programs untouched in ‘5250 mode’.


Streamline your workday

The menu system included in IceCap™ already contains all the menus from the “i” OS (OS400). You can register your own programs and menus - and immediately experience the benefits of a rapid modernization without spending time, work effort and money in the process.

IceCap™ opens each web application in independent tabs. That gives a fantastic overview and the ability to swiftly jump between different applications across systems.

Each tab represents a 5250-session in which each application environment is isolated, with a minimal use of memory. This means that IceCap™ supports an unlimited number of sessions – all without affecting the machine performance. The unique "Session

Management System" ensures a prompt start and closing of sessions in IceCap™. The built-in "Single-Sign-On" feature ensures that users only need to sign on once.

IceCap ™ transforms the traditional hierarchical menus of the 5250 environment – into a dynamic tree structure that is displayed in the left side of the screen. Often-used menu items can be pulled out of the menu structure and added to a ‘favorite display”.

A single-click switches between the different web applications - while double-click opens a new tab. It is easy to navigate. Just jump between tabs, and simply use copy/paste to move data.

IceCap™ also offers a feature, where you can add online user guides for individual applications. The individual user guide can be pulled out from the right side of the panel, and is displayed in an easily readable format.

Flawless maintenance

The web applications will always reflect the underlying 5250-programs. It means that program changes only needs to be implemented one place - on the server. You can safely move, add or remove fields without fear of destroying the new web applications. The changes are immediately visible in IceCap™.


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All our software solutions are especially developed for the IBM hardware platforms; AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and Power Systems.

The supported operating systems are; OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i.