InterForm handles the full paper flow at Volvo

Today every document used when importing and selling a Volvo or Renault in Denmark is printed via InterForm.

The Swedish car producer Volvo is known by most people, but only a few knows that it is InterForm that takes care of the daily handling and formatting of the company’s laser printed forms all coming from their IBM i™.

Easy and efficient

Actually every Volvo and Renault owner in Denmark have had one or several documents in their hand that was printed through InterForm. This includes documents such as invoice, customs documents, warranty papers, and certificate of conformity.

Originally the installation of an electronic forms system on Volvo’s IBM i™ was only meant as replacement for a number of matrix printers, that were handling printout from the invoice system. The purpose was to obtain a saving on the pre-printed forms, and to ease the routines in connection with the difficult handling of the matrix-printers.

However it soon became clear that InterForm was able to handle far more than originally considered. InterForm's comprehensive import function allowed e.g. customs official forms, designed on a Macintosh, to be imported and used directly on the IBM i™ through InterForm. Today any changes to existing forms are downloaded from a diskette or from the Internet, easy and efficient.

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InterForm grew with the assignments

The Danish Volvo importer is not the only one to obtain advantages with InterForm. The importers in Sweden, Norway and Finland also use the system. An official Certificate of Conformity is send from the main office in Sweden to the other Scandinavian countries, where it is printed in the required language and includes Volvo/Renault-logo and the signature of the responsible product manager.

InterForm has brought cost-savings and increased efficiency. This has given a great response in the entire company.

Peter Thomsen, Department Manager

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Smooth transition with InterForm

In the future more and more pre printed forms will be replaced by electronic ones, because as Peter Thomsen says:

The change to electronic forms is not apparent when you use InterForm. InterForm forms use the original print, which means that the matrix printers still can be used while implementing a new electronic form.
The next assignment for InterForm, is to print the electronic forms directly at the 48 Danish Volvo resellers via TCP/IP connected laser printers on their AIX-platform – this will mean savings that can be seen on the financial results!

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