InterForm at large scale at Tribunal Regional do Trabalho

BrazilianTribunal Regional do Trabalho wanted to change the looks and quality of their more than 100 forms. As Tribunal Regional do Trabalho is a public institution the task was put out to tender.

As Tribunal Regional do Trabalho is a public institution the task was put out to tender. The primary requirements was an option to personalize layout of the forms and that the solution should be a native IBM i™ product. InterForm fulfilled all the requirements, and Sistema & Método in Brazil won the competitive tender.

Tribunal Regional do Trabalho (TRT) is a public institution in Brazil, which deals with cases relating to labor court law. In order to increase the quality of their printouts, TRT wanted to change to laser print. The requirement was that they still wanted to use their IBM i™, and that they wanted a native IBM i™ solution without additional boxes. Further they requested a solution with an option to personalize the layout of the forms.

The solution was InterForm

InterForm was introduced to the employees at TRT without major changes in the existing work routines. On a "getting started day" a consultant from Sistema & Método showed how the product worked and created the first forms. Afterwards it took one employee approximately three weeks to convert the over 100 forms used by TRT. To begin with most of the forms was converted to InterForm without changing the layout, but it is easy for TRT to change the forms as required.

Central administration
TRT have more than four thousand employees and InterForm is implemented on more than 30 locations, covering almost all regional offices within the state São Paulo. Both IBM i™ and InterForm is administered centrally, which makes maintenance of the more than 100 forms a manageable task. Presently InterForm monitor about 700 print queues and the plan is to implement additional two hundred. Today TRT have InterForm installed on their two production units and on a test unit. In the near future the expect to install InterForm on additional two or three test units.

PDF and e-mail
When all regional offices are in place with InterForm, the next project is to implement PDF and e-mail as an alternative to the traditional print.

interform trt

The benefits of InterForm

With InterForm is has become easy to create the desired layout and TRT has been able to replace preprinted forms with plain white paper. TRT say that InterForm add quality and makes implementation of new forms easier, as the change only need to be implemented in one place. TRT have gained huge savings by changing from preprinted forms to laser printed forms, and they expect even more savings with implementation of PDF.

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