Hosting and Operation DKK 495, - per month

For a monthly fee of only DKK 495, - pr. user *) we can host and operate your AS/400 solution:

We host all types of IT solutions from the systems IBM AS/400, IBM iSeries, IBM System i™ and IBM i™. Call today - and hear more about how it is possible to save money and at the same time ensure your IT solution.
  • We upgrade your IT solution to the latest operating system
  • We move your IT solution to secured server rooms in our hosting center, protected from fire, power failure and with strict access
  • We monitor your IT solution and ensure a seamless workday
  • We take daily backups, which we secure in a second hosting center
  • We have the necessary skills to operate and maintain your IT solution in the future
  • We have the tools to integrate and modernize your IT solution
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hosting security

*) The offer is in Danish kroner exclusive of VAT by an agreement of at least 20 users. Establishment of the hosting center costs kr. 10,000. Moving and conversion of programs and data are free at 36 months' notice. Hereafter the notice period surpass to 12 months. We reserve the right not to enter an agreement if our preliminary analysis reveals exceptional circumstances that are not within our framework. We will give individual offer and pricing for installations of more than 25 users.

By comparison our experience shows that even small installation cannot run their AS/400 solution for less than kr. 10,000 per month.

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Our hosting center is fire protected with smoke detectors and a fire extinguishing system. We handle power outages by units, supplemented by a generator in case of power outages for longer periods of time. We have refrigeration and 100Mb Internet access.

Access to our hosting center meets the requirements of some of the strictest safety standards with personalized key code and iris scanning. The center is staffed and under video surveillance 24 hours a day, so that no unauthorized person can enter.

IBM Service Agreement
Our hardware and software are secured via a service agreement with IBM. This gives us among other things access to the system update, update to the newest operating system as well as help from IBM in Rochester, USA

hosting security

Quality control

IBM also monitors our servers and will instantly become aware of operational anomalies that could indicate future hardware failure. IBM addresses these problems by immediately replacing the affected components.

Additionally, we hold quarterly review meetings with IBM, where we carefully review reports of spikes and deviations. From these meetings we make a decision on further steps in our hosting center.

"No single point of failure"
All equipment and supplies are redundant – that is to say, an error in one unit or in an outcome in one delivery of e.g. power, cooling and Internet will not alone shut down the server. This helps to bring the up time closer to 100 percent.

hosting quality control

System Monitoring

We can offer to extend surveillance to 24/7 for both servers in and outside our hosting center. We have developed a monitoring system that monitors all processes on the server - and via a built-in roster ensures that the various events are forwarded to the right person - either as text message or e-mail. Today over 100 installations are monitored via this system.

Experience & Green profile
Our hosting center opened in 2009 and we have over the years improved our operating procedures and overall great experience, which now benefits our customers.

The Hosting Center has over the years used CO2-free power that comes from Danish wind turbines and Norwegian waterworks. The cooling system runs on free cooling when the outdoor temperature is below 16 degrees, which reduces power consumption significantly in a large part of the year.

hosting monitoring

Backup & Recovery

We have a weekly backup cycle – that is, we make a complete backup on weekends and supplement with modified objects during the week. As a customer, it is possible to access the files via a web interface.

Mirroring Solutions
We can offer to set up your hosted solution for mirroring all transactions to a server in our second hosting center. This way, the solution is protected against the worst possible disaster.

Backup Machine
We can offer an agreement to have a backup machine standing ready in case of an emergency, which prevents the operation from the customer's own machine – e.g. as a result of a fire in the engine room.

hosting backup

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All our software solutions are especially developed for the IBM hardware platforms; AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and Power Systems.

The supported operating systems are; OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i.